Stay Ontop


Focus Genie

Make any window stay on Top, automatically sets the focus of an application as your mouse passes over it. To disable Focus Genie, just hit Ctrl-Shift-F and hit Ctrl-Shift-F again to enable it. If you would like an application to Stay on Top then just hit

Stay Super Healthy E-book

Stay Super Healthy 101 treatment for common and not too common sicknesses, diseases, and syndrome. Distribute this to your loved ones, associates and friends and see them get cured of all their ailments.


RACsuccess Stay In Touch toolbar

This is a stay in touch browser toolbar from (Helping you succeed as a freelancer by helping you win more freelance jobs). With this toolbar, you can receive text messages from us and you can also reply to our messages. You can also use

Stay Connected

This program sends a single ping request once every 1 to 999 minutes to maintain a connection to a network. You can configure it to ping either a DNS name or IP address. It resides in the tray to stay out of your way.

Stay Live 2000  v.3 1

Does your Internet Service Provider drop your dial-up connection after what seems like only nanoseconds of account inactivity?

Legitimate stay at home employment  v.1.0

Legitimate stay at home employment information.

Work for stay home moms  v.1.0

Work for stay home moms toolbar for Firefox. Find work for stay home moms blogs and other jobs for stay at home moms related resources.

Stay Fit Lite  v.

StayFit Lite is a pedometer (step counter) and calories burned estimator. It will help you stay fit by keeping track of your activities. StayFit Lite was designed with a simple interface that gets you going right away.

Stay for Mac  v.1.0

If you're fastidious about keeping your windows tidy, Stay is for you.

My Last Cigarette - Stop Smoking and Stay Quit  v.2.00

Quit smoking and stay quit with new My Last Cigarette™ for OSX, the original quit smoking software.

Get Out of Debt and Stay Out - Forever!  v.

Warning! This is a hard-hitting, unsympathetic book, full of advice about how to change your life. It's not about making big money. It's about CHANGE. Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data connection to read

Stay Secure SD  v.0.7

Keep your eye on the security status of browsers and other software products.

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